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Terms and Conditions for Candidates

The following Definitions apply:

The “Agency” refers to Empire Nannies.

The “Applicant” refers to a person who engages the Agency to seek a position in a private home.

The “Client” refers to a person whom engages the Agency to seek a nanny or maternity nurse for a fee.

The Agency does not charge a fee for Applicants to join the Agency

  1. The Applicant understands the Agency is an introduction and referral service only that provides its Clients with information regarding potential Candidates in exchange for a fee.
  2. The Applicant agrees to provide information to the Agency that is complete, true and accurate. The Applicant will provide full details of their work history including contactable references.
  3. The Applicants information will be released only to Clients by the Agency, under no circumstances will the Agency release the Applicants personal information to any third parties as per our Privacy Policy without the Applicants permission.
  4. The Applicant will give permission to the Agency to advertise their personal details whilst seeking a suitable position for them. This may either be verbal or written and may include contact details.
  5. The Applicant and the Agency acknowledge that there is no employer/employee relationship between them.
  6. The Agency agrees to provide information that is honest and accurate about an Applicant to the Client.
  7. The Applicant can agree to a “trial day” with the Client as long as the Agency has been informed. The “trial day” will be no longer than one, 10 hour day, and the Client agrees to pay the Applicant one full day’s payment at an agreed pre-negotiated rate.
  8. The Applicant must inform the Agency immediately if an offer of employment has been made directly or indirectly from the Client or if the Client makes contact with you directly without permission from the Agency.
  9. The Agency does not provide and cannot be held responsible for any representation or warranties of negotiating any wages, loss of wages, any changes in working conditions and termination that result, or may result in working for the Client.
  10. The Applicant is under no legal obligation to work for a particular Client.
  11. The Agency is under no obligation to secure or provide a job to any Applicant that has been interviewed. We are a referral service and provide no guarantee that the right position will be found.
  12. The Agency does not provide and legal advice to the Client or the Applicant regarding the contract of employment.
  13. The Applicant agrees that the Agency and its agents, shall not be liable to the Applicant, or to any other person/persons, for incidental or consequential losses, expenses, demands, claims damages, injuries, causes of any actions directly or indirectly of every kind arising out of or resulting from the action of the Agency or any information released by the Agency.
  14. The Applicant agrees that all information passed between the Agency and the Applicant regarding any Clients are strictly confidential and will not pass this information onto any third parties without the consent of the Agency.
  15. These Terms and Conditions apply to and govern all contracts and agreements made between the Applicant and the Agency, and are deemed accepted by the Applicant upon completion of the Registration Form.